Goals for 2018

Setting Goals

You should have some goals setup for each new year. It can be tricky to choose your goals. It can be because you might have many things you want to do and you know that you wont be able to reach them all this year. Oppositely so can it be hard to set goals because you cannot really think about any goals. Maybe because you have not figured out what you want your ideal future to be like.

Whatever the reasons for having trouble to set goals so can it help to think about where you want to be in ten years. Could be that you want to learn something new and be an expert on this. Or maybe you want to have something like a house or sailboat. Could also be that you want to help someone else to achieve something.

Try to decide what you want to do and visualize how your life will be in the future and how great it will be. Having a long term plan can make it less stressful because it enables you spread the hard work over a longer time and it can in this way be less overwhelming.

When you are clear to where you want to be in ten year you should choose what you should do this year to take you a bit on the way to the ultimate goals. Come up with three to five different things thatĀ  should be doable this year.

It is important trying to stick to these goals and not stray away towards other things during the year. One good way to stick to your goals is to write them down on paper. You should then read and repeat the goals at regular intervals. Maybe the first thing you do each morning. Or do it each week when you might be planning the coming week.

One important thing to remember is that goals must be measurable. This because otherwise so is it not possible to know when you have reached your goals.

It can also be good to share your goals with other people since this increases the chances to reach your goals.

My personal goals for 2018 are the following four.


Being fit makes everything easier in life. It makes you less tired and healthier. My goal is to exercise at least five times a week. There is then a obstacle course race in the autumn where I aim to beat my time from the last year.


I want to read 52 different books this year. This means in average one book per week. The reasons for this is that I feel that it will make me smarter. It will also help me save time in the long run. By reading and learning from others so will I not make the mistakes that they already have done. And I do not have to reinvent and discover things that other people already have figured out for me.


I want to write a book because this i great way to learn new things. I also figure that even if I do not sell many copies of the book so will it anyway in the long run increase my income. This is since it will help me buildĀ  my reputation in the community.


Should take the knowledge from reading and writing and build some projects around this. The goal here is to build at least 12 different things. These do not need to be super advanced but they shall be based on new things that I did not know about in the beginning of the year and have read or written about during the year. Each project shall be documented and presented here at Shiny Green Robot.

So these are my goals will keep you posted on the results. Good luck with setting up and achieving your own goals for the coming year.

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